ReeM is an international Artist & Designer whose works are strongly affected by diverse cultural backgrounds. With an artistic style mixed between Architectural concepts and free forms of Arabic Calligraphy, her pieces are outcomes of social and cultural references.

Along with being a University Professor at YU, AUD and CUD, she obtained Masters of Architecture degree from Carleton University and participated in international exhibitions, architectural competitions and contributed in planning a number of events in support of global causes.



UPYO META ART 2.0, Metaverse NFT Exibition 2022

NFT MENA 2022 Exibit, Bahrain

Themeless  International Watch Dial Exhibition, Splendore Unique – London UK 2022

Iraq 100  Tamayuz Award Poster Exhibition – Baghdad, Iraq 2021

Gallea, Artists of Ontario + Women in Art Curator Collections – Canada 2021

Gallea, Artists of Ottawa Collection – Canada 2020

Al Qasimi Foundation Art Gallery. March 2017 

RAKFAF, Ras Al Khaima Fine Arts Festival 2017 + 2016 

EVA 2 Exhibition, Art Plus Gallery. Dubai UAE, 2015 + 2016 

Sharjah Light Festival 2016 – Culture Palace + Square Artist. 2016 

(Eye of the Beholder) Exhibition, Citizen-E Gallery. D3 Dubai, 2016 

Dubai International Exhibition of Arabic Calligraphy ,2015 

The Big Picture Exhibition – UAE, 2015 

Sikka 2015 – Exhibiting Artist – Desert Characters - Dubai UAE 2015 

MOCAfestArtfellow– Marketplace of Creative Arts @10th WIEF – Dubai UAE 2014. 

SaatchiGallery – Desert 2 on screen – London UK 2013. 

Art Below – Art in Motion – London, 2011 

HERE Exhibition – CUAG Biennial – Canada 2008 & 2010 

Iraqi Community Center in Montreal – Fine Art Exhibit 2007 


Emerging Scene Art Prize, Largest Digital Art Gallery (Elevision Media) – UAE 2021

RAKFAF, Jury Choice Award.  Ras Al Khaima Fine Arts Festival 2017

Warehouse 421/1:100 Finalist Salama Bint Hamdan Al Nahyan Foundation -UAE. 2015 

Hadafi-Potential Women’s Entraprenourship -Finalist -UAE 2015  

2A Architecture & Art -Special mention:  DUBAI NEEDLE. 2014 

Baghdad Reattachment Structures Project shortlisted in
World Architecture Community 8th Cycle Competition.

In the Media

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Al-Khaleej Newspaper  (سوق الفنون الإبداعية” ملتقى المبتكرين). November 2014 


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Al-Khaleej Newspaper (لوحات لريم الراوي في منتدى الاقتصاد الإسلامي). October 2014 


Bomb trajectory becomes light source for architectural student’s underground city“ - Carleton Now by Susan Hickman – June 2010 issue.